Far Cry Primal – Life with the Uggs

Written by Mai Tachibana
PSN ID: Nakatsu_Hime


I played Far Cry 3 a bit. Got bored very quickly. I got Far Cry 4 on PS Plus a while back – never touched it. Why should I even bother looking at Far Cry Primal?

Answer: Because it struck me as being different from the rest of that genre.
But, dear readers, would you like to know why?

Playstation-4 Neo – Time To Take The Red Pill

Written by Mai Tachibana
PSN ID: Nakatsu_Hime


So the Neo is definitely a ‘thing’.
After gruelling weeks of speculation following tiring months of rumour, Sony have confirmed that it will be released, and is – like I said – a ‘thing’.

Publications such as the Wall Street Journal, France-based Innelec Media, and others have come forward with a few more juicy details, but still not the complete picture.

Perform Retinal-Scan Immediately !


Sony PSN implementing two-factor authentication

Back in April, a Sony representative mentioned a long-awaited upgrade to the general security of PlayStation Network and its associated accounts.

In my opinion, this was way overdue, and those of you that visit the PlayStation forums will see that it can only be good news, judging by the way many users treat their current login information with cavalier carelessness, and then wonder why their accounts are compromised. So, what is it, how, and why?

KIC 8462852 – Occam’s Razor Speaks

Written by Mai Tachibana
PSN ID: Nakatsu_Hime

It seems I was completely correct in the previous article on this star, namely, there are very unlikely to be Little-Green-Men causing the reported brightness anomalies around the star KIC 8462852.
So, what happened there then?

Testing again

I’m testing to see if I can add a youtube video to this post @nakatsu-hime

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